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The Mitzvah of Writing a Sefer Torah For many, it is neither exactly history, nor theology, nor a legal and ritual guide, but something beyond all three. The Mitzvah of Writing a <em>Sefer</em> <em>Torah</em>
The sages learn from this verse that every Jew is commanded to write a Sefer Torah Torah Scroll.

Rav Frand I always thought that the world is screwed up, unfair and uncaring which to my mind was evidence that there is no god, not a sane one anyway. The contacts happened over many years, sometimes not receiving anything for years. Rav Frand
Rabbi Yissocher Frand, of the Ner Israel Rabbinical College, delivers a weekly class in Jewish law and ethics based on the Torah portion of the week. While the

Hebrew Transliterated and English Translated Torah Index The Hebrew Torah written in the English alphabet to aid English readers and those who are learning Hebrew. Hebrew Transliterated and English Translated <em>Torah</em> Index
Orach Chayim - Way of Life - Torah Study Resources - A Comprehensive Compilation of Torah Study & Hebrew Study Aids

Torah - New World Encyclopedia The word “Torah” means “to teach.”Traditionally a Torah is written on a scroll that is then wound around two wooden poles. <u>Torah</u> - New World Encyclopedia
Torah scrolls are stored in the holiest part of the synagogue in the Ark known as the "Holy Ark" אֲרוֹן הקֹדשׁ aron hakodesh in Hebrew.

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