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Freelance Writing Jobs The Job Board for Freelance Writers She’s been in the news for quite a bit now, and I’ve been meaning to write about her since January (or really, to write about the phenomenon she represents – and what it means for web fiction). Welcome to the All Indie Writers Freelance Writing Job Board, where you can quickly scan freelance writing jobs based on dates and pay ranges or find top.

Author Amber Newberry Indie Writer/Author “Lots of our members use trade publishers to reach readers, especially through bookstores, or for foren and other rhts. Indie Writer/Author. I am pleased to announce that I will be releasing a short story between “Walls of Ash” and “The Masque and the Mausoleum”.

Indie Writer - The Rise of the Self-Published Author - Resources Recently, we began accepting submissions for an upcoming anthology, with plans to release several more by 2017. We also have plans in the works for an Indie Writer Forum, so please check back often. In the meantime, please visit our Indie Writer Blog by clicking.

All Indie Writers Freelance Writing, Indie Publishing, Blogging Others are happy to collaborate with a publisher where that seems advantageous, some working with paid publishing services, others with trade publishers. The Alliance allows that you are an independent author if: As self-publishing evolves, its terms of reference are rapidly changing. Freelance writing, indie publishing, and blogging are the focus at All Indie Writers. Find freelance writing jobs, writing forums, writing blogs, and more.

The Indie Writer's Network There’s multiple ways to obtain the same goal (something I’ve been saying since I first self published The Blindfold). It’s not giving in or giving up or anything else that mht hurt your pride (being able to say I did it as an indie author – let’s be honest – all indie authors want to say that). The Indie Writer's Network. 1,599 likes. The Indie Writer's Network is an international community of indie and aspiring writers joining together to find.

The Very Rich Indie Writer – Novelr Here at The Alliance of Independent Authors we gave great thought to terminology when we were setting up. Meet Amanda Hocking. She’s been in the news for quite a bit now, and I’ve been meaning to write about her since January or really, to write about the phenomenon.

FAQ About Self-Publishing & Indie Authors - The Alliance of. Some of our members are fiercely indie-spirited, as DIY as it’s possible to be. Ask ALLi is an umbrella campan in which we promise to answer any question anyone — from authors to media to other writing organisations — mht have.

What's an Indie Author? Steena Holmes NY Times & USA Today. Most of us have embraced the term and have some idea what we mean by the concept. What exactly is an indie author anyway? “Indie authorship and self-publishing are not quite synonymous but an independent author will have self-published at.

Indie Writer Tips - Write well – Hone your craft There are people we can surround ourselves with who will/can help us – like editors, agents, publicists etc. Take a step back and look at your writing career as a business. Welcome to Indie Writer Tips. Here on this blog, I cover a host of topics to help you in your writing journey – from fiction writing craft to blogging to the.

Indie - Writer Were we going to be an alliance of self-publishers or independent authors? Here are the conclusions we came to: Irish indie author, Orna Ross is Founder-Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), the non-profit association for self-publishers that runs this blog and self-publishing advice centre, including the free online author conference, The Indie Author Fringe. August 13, 2022 Dear Fangirl, How are you doing? I hope all's well. I'm really sorry it's just now that I found the time to reply to your letters.

Indie Authors - Huffington Post As some of you know, I have been playing around with a small blog that has slowly turned into a small publishing house ed Fun Dead Publications. I'm what you'd a midlist author every couple years, I publish a book that does reasonably well. I haven't been to the top of the bestseller lists, but he said.

TOP 50 Indie Books Indie Author News Among other initiatives, Ask ALLi embraces: At ALLi, “independent” is an inclusive description and always relative (everyone needs support to write and publish well). Sep 10, 2016. Indie Author News - Readers' Choice - TOP 50 Indie Books - SEPTEMBER 2016. where Readers discover new Authors and the Best Indie.

What Is An Indie Author Self-Publishing Advice Center This post was prompted by an ALLi member who thought she had to leave our alliance because she wanted to sn a deal with a trade publisher. “All the great tips I got from you guys is how I sold so many books and that’s why the publisher approached me. I don’t want to.” “Of course you don’t,” I wrote back. What Is An Indie Author? By Orna Ross on June 7, 2012 in Debate & Opinion. self-publishing is the most creative choice a writer can make, and very.

Linda Root, Indie writer I thought the two were the same until I realized that wasn’t the case. Linda Root, Indie writer. 69 likes 1 talking about this. I am an Indie writer of "b" historical novels. During the next few weeks I will be asking.

Indie Author News But there’s a lot of confusion out there, with people using the term ‘indie’ interchangeably with ‘self-publisher’, and people meaning wildly different things when they use those words. News about Indie Authors, Indie Books, Author Interviews, New Releases, Writing Tips, FREE eBooks, Author and Book Promotion

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