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Publisher B has two books with ratings 1 and 4. Publisher C has one book with rating 1will return one result for each author in the database, annotated with their average book rating.

BookDB - book database freeware The Books database template lets you create a database to track books that you have read, your reviews of those books, and books that you want to buy. BookDB - book <strong>database</strong> freeware
You can also import your catalogue from LibraryThing, which gives you a local, searchable database of your books.

Scholastic Publishes Literacy Resources and For starters, we classify books based on plot, setting, character, and writing style. Scholastic Publishes Literacy Resources and
Scholastic has been delivering literacy resources for kids and outstanding children's books to schools, teachers, and families for more than 90 years.

App Shopper xBooks Lifestyle MANAGE YOUR FAVORITE BOOKS IN AN EASY TO USE DATABASE ‣ Enter your book-records with author, publisher etc and rate them ‣ Create your own categories for Books‣ Query for your Books with various features‣ Print your query results on reports------------------------------------------------------------For further support visit tl Bug reportings and suggestions on evolutions are welcome ! App Shopper xBooks Lifestyle
Manage your favorite books in an easy to use database.iPhone. iPad. My Rating.

Detailed Book review We have many genres including literature, science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, comedies, dramas, scifi movies, and more. Detailed Book review
Allows users to search for books by characteristics of plot, theme, setting, and structure.

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